For New York voters, the time to hold Albany incumbents accountable has come.

In a Siena College poll conducted during mid-August, 51% of voters said they would support the challenger over the incumbent in state legislative elections this fall.  Only 31% of voters were willing to re-elect their incumbent state senator.  And 27% of them gave their state legislator a grade of “F.”

What’s behind these numbers?  New York voters’ common sense.  It’s all-too-clear for working families in this state that economic opportunities have declined while tax burdens have gone up.  It’s plain to see that our Albany government has placed special interests, electioneering, and political maneuvering above the people’s business.  But what voters realize above all else—what has them ready to send incumbents packing—is the sheer lack of accountability that our senators have displayed.  While the budget bogged down, the deficit went up, and scandal embroiled our state, Albany incumbents pointed the finger at everyone but themselves.  Instead of taking responsibility for the public service that is their public trust, they ducked and dived accountability at every turn.  They put politics ahead of governing, sound bites ahead of solutions.

And New York voters know it.

It’s time to send a message to Albany incumbents: your day of reckoning is coming on November 2nd, and you will be held accountable.

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