Fed Up With Albany

Have you checked out the Democrat and Chronicle editorial board’s“2010 Fed up with Albany” feature? It includes a weekly “Fed Up Meter” on their website, ranging from “ticked” to “sick and tired” to “fed up.” This week, the meter reads: “fed up.” And that’s exactly what voters in Monroe County are.

On July 4th, the D&C described the current gridlock in Albany as “one of the worst legislative sessions in decades.” The legislature is simply broken. “If there were ever evidence that change in Albany is imperative,” the D&C explains, “this year's do-nothing legislative session is a clarion call.” But what can the people of Monroe County do? The D&C makes it clear: “Now it's time for New Yorkers to start to do something about a system controlled by the entrenched. Lawmakers must cede to the demands of voters or they must be removed.”

Few politicians define “entrenched” more than 19-year incumbent Joe Robach. He has been an Albany insider for two decades, in both legislative houses and both political parties. This year, he faces a challenge from Robin Wilt, a candidate whose background as a business owner, grassroots activist, and mother of three is anything but the résumé of a professional politician. Robin will represent the will of the 56th district’s citizens because she is one of them.

The D&C says that “New Yorkers must use their voting strength to communicate their increasing disgust” with Albany politics. On November 2nd, 2010, that means sending a fresh senator to Albany, one who owes her seat to the people and not to the broken system. On November 2nd, 2010, that means voting for Robin Wilt.


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