Our Rochester Public Market: America’s Favorite Farmers Market!

Our community has so many strengths, so much that enriches our lives here in Monroe County.  Farmers and the farm markets that serve our region are one such strength.  Whether it’s apples, grapes, corn, or milk, our farms produce some of the best tasting, healthiest food on earth.

Many of us enjoy purchasing these local foods at our vibrant farmers markets.  Our area is home to the Westside Farmers Market at St. Monica’s Church, the Brighton Farmers Market at Brighton High School, the Foodlink Farmers Market in Washington Square Park, the Monroe Village Farmers Market at Blessed Sacrament Church, the South Wedge Farmers Market at Boulder Coffee on Alexander Street, and numerous farm stands along the roads from Parma to Pittsford. 

The more food we buy from these markets, the more money we keep in the local community, sustaining jobs for people here in Monroe County.  When we shop at the markets, we also help our planet.  Foods grown, purchased, and eaten locally burn less energy getting from farmland to family dinner table.  Eating healthy, eating local, and supporting the regional economy is a great way to build a sustainable future!

The largest farmers’ market in Rochester is our wonderful, 105-year old Rochester Public Market in the heart of the city.  It's a delightful place to have a snack, buy fresh produce, and mingle with people from all the different communities that make up our region.   The Rochester Public Market showcases our farms, our diversity, and our good taste!

Now the whole country knows what a gem our Rochester public market is.  Rochester has won a clear victory in the national contest to be named "America's Favorite Farmers Market."  Rochester was in the large market category, where it competed with such big cities as Seattle, San Francisco, and Philadelphia. 

With its win, the Rochester Public Market will receive a cash prize and national media recognition.  The whole country will know now what we have known for decades: the Rochester region can lead the way to a farm-friendly, community-based, healthy and sustainable future!

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