In Albany’s budget battles, it’s the voters who lose.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen it.  For years, budget season in Albany has meant blown deadlines, partisan bickering, and fiscal sleight of hand.

This year, the budget process has hit a new low.  On July 29, Jane Sutter (the D&C’s Deputy Editorial Page Editor) wrote, “Given New York state lawmakers’  lack of success at passing a budget, plus the state comptroller’s warnings that revenue projections are over-exaggerated, I think New York is looking at becoming the California of the East Coast.”

And how do our area’s state senators respond to this serious impasse?  Not with hard-nosed negotiating on the Senate floor.  Not with a slate of reforms to fix this broken process.  Not with decisive action to close out this budget and get New York moving.  Instead, our Senators call press conferences to point the finger at everyone but themselves.  They blame the other party.  They blame New York City.  They blame the system.  What they don’t do is take any accountability or responsibility themselves.
In an election year, blaming everyone but himself is a politician’s best tactic for hanging on to his seat.

If our incumbent Senators won’t hold themselves accountable, who will?  In a democracy, the task of holding politicians accountable falls to the voters.  This election year, we must cast our vote for accountability and reform.  And that means sending new faces to Albany, Senators who owe their seats to the voters and not to the entrenched advantages of incumbency.

Robin Wilt has a plan for addressing Albany’s broken budget process.  She has called upon lawmakers to adopt common-sense standard accounting practices so that our budget numbers come from facts rather than political calculations.  She has called upon lawmakers to move the budget calendar so that the process begins earlier in the year, when revenue estimates will be more accurate.

Most important, Robin Wilt will bring to the Senate a principled approach to budget formation, one that views the budget as the people’s business and not a partisan poker game, one that views the budget as a means of achieving fiscal clarity rather than political confusion, one that sees fixing broken budgets as every Senator’s responsibility.  Robin Wilt isn’t about finger-pointing, she’s about fixes.  And when you send her to Albany, you can hold her accountable for that.

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